Dinner with Turcomp colleagues

Tonight was a bit a cheerful night… Somehow I and my trainee friend were invited by our colleagues and supervisor at Turcomp to join them for a dinner. This event is meant to celebrate the success of the Customer Forum 2011 which was conducted last two weeks. Honestly, I feel a bit awkward for going to that dinner, I just didn’t know and realize how friendly they are. I mean, I and my friend are just the trainees at the company but somehow they treat us like we already known each other for long time. They are very friendly, there was like no more boundaries between the supervisor and the trainees. It was really nice to know them. I feel very honoured. After the dinner we planned to go for a bowling game but at Sunway Piramid Plaza but unfortunately the place was fully booked but we managed to try another activity for the night. We decided to have a try on archery. This was my first time trying on archery, but it was fun. I really enjoyed it. So, overall I enjoy the day. I would like to thanks everybody especially Kak Fiza, Adilah, Mr. Ha, Kelly, and Eric for Inviting us. I was a very enjoyable…. Below are few photos that I managed to take at the event.

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